Best Waterblasting Company

Best Waterblasting Company. House Washing North Shore & the team at HWNS believe we are the best waterblasting company in Auckland. For instance, our methods of soft low-pressure washing can ensure your property is not damaged by the likes of high-pressure water and damaging chemicals.

Most importantly, when it comes to waterblasting and washing your property it needs to be done right. Therefore, our soft chemical washing philosophy keeps your property looking brand spanking clean. Above all, the best part is it does not peel or damage surface coatings/paints compared to pressure washing/water blasting.

Similarly, preventative maintenance plans are key to keeping your house/building looked after in the long run. However, we recommend getting using us on a regular basis to prevent long term damage from weathering, mould, moss build up etc. In conclusion, whether you want a maintenance plan or a one-off clean contact us and we will be sure to look after you.