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Soft Chemical House Wash

The Soft Chemical House Wash North Shore – by House Washing North Shore brings you its first class Soft Chemical House Wash service. Our soft wash services to your property will keep it cleaner for longer than simple pressure washing, let us bring that new look back to your house. Having washed over five thousand properties in eleven years, our house washing team have learnt the correct techniques and pressures required for all the different types of materials and surfaces they come across on a daily basis

Our soft wash services performed by an accredited House Washing North Shore member of staff will benefit your building greatly. The surfaces which are soft washed clean, actually keep much cleaner for longer periods of time.

Why do surfaces stay cleaner for longer when House Washing North Shore have been used.

The surfaces are sanitised clean by unique soft wash chemicals being used.
When Soft Washed, no micro organisms are left behind to re grow quickly

What Type Of Surfaces Benefit From our House Washing North Shore soft wash house clean: Render, Cladding, Stone, Brick, Concrete, Roofs

Whoever you choose for your soft wash services, make sure they have the right soft wash training.

At splash we guarantee to give you the ultimate house washing experience, try HWNS today for the next level inhouse washing