Driveway Cleaning north shore auckland

Driveway Cleaning

The team @ HWNS clean all types of driveways cleaning and stone areas including block paving, concrete, stone and tarmac. We are the experts at what we do and we are also Auckland’s most recommended driveway cleaning business. We clean more areas than any other company and we will promise you a multi-award-winning service with outstanding results. Therefore, we achieve this by using the very best machinery to carry out your work, only the best will do for our customers, we don’t do inferior only superior!

Due to the climate in NZ, driveways and patios can become unsightly with the build up of algae, moss and weeds making them slippery and unsafe. Having your area cleaned will not only make the surface safer to walk on, but it will give your property added kerb appeal and a fresh new look, it really does make a huge difference.

When family, friends etc visit your property, the first thing they see is your driveway and not maintaining it can really spoil the outlook of your home. If this is a service you’re considering you have found the right company to carry out your work, you will be truly amazed by the results achieved.

Are you selling or putting your property on the market ??? After a quick sale ??? Then this is a service that you really should consider – MINIMAL COST with MAXIMUM IMPACT. We have helped sell a numerous amount of  properties within the first few days of going on sale …. its all about FIRST IMPRESSIONS and the WOW FACTOR!!