Auckland Waterblasters


Waterblasting Auckland. Your local experts for house washing and exterior cleaning services. Most importantly, waterblasting Auckland does one thing different and that is we use LOW PRESSURE to clean. Above all, this protects your property from damaging pressure that can take off protective layers or penetrate the surfaces leaving them vulnerable.

Soft washing gives best results when for example, it is used on exterior surfaces such as cedar wood cladding, through coloured renders and powder-coated cladding. In particular this is Ideal for use on walls and roofs, both pitched and flat. EPDM single-ply membrane roofs come up like new when soft washed treated.

Disinfecting your building on the outside rather than blasting it with high powered water jets will give you the very best results. SoftWashing sanitises all types of surfaces so they are truly clean cyanobacteria’s moss and mould removal is guaranteed when a Soft Wash Disinfectant is used for building cleaning.

In conclusion, talk to us at Water Blasters Auckland AKA House Washing North Shore (HWNS) and see the difference in why our methods are the best.