Farm Shed Cleaning Auckland

Farm Shed Cleaning

The FARM SHED CLEANING AUCKLAND – New Zealand farming and dairy business is a significant market sector for SPLASH HW Ltd and we believe we are one of Auckland leading soft wash cleaning companies.

Did you know, a lactating dairy cow can produce over 60kg of manure every day?! Now think of how many are in your herd…

A bit of cow manure can do a world of good, but that’s when it’s in small doses and out in a paddock. Building up in a dairy shed or barn, on straw, steel or a concrete floor, bacteria build-up, leading to disease, which can quickly become a problem, not to mention the bad smell.


  • Prevent a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Reduce possible sources of contamination of milk
  • Remove bad odours
  • Necessary for general healthy conditions (for humans and animals)
  • Good practice to maintain general hygiene and sanitation on your farm.

Calving Sheds

Rural Properties are also relishing in the Steam Cleaning for sterilization of calf sheds by removal of bacteria, moss, lichen, bird excrement, insect, dust, cobwebs etc.

The Farm Machinery

What better way to protect all farm machinery by steam cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning degreasers all oil and dirt off machinery.
  • Tillage & Seeding
  • Loaders
  • Tractors / Trailers / Trucks / 4 WD / Motorbikes
  • Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Harvesters