Thanks to the team at Internet Marketing Auckland we have launched our brand new website full or neat features and functionalities. We don’t want to tell you these little things, so how about we play a little game. In the comment section write down all the cool, nifty features on our website you see. The person who picks up on the most things will win a 10% discount voucher.

Just like the work we do for our customers (Clean, Friendly) we decided to showcase this on a website. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and don’t forget to give us a call for House Washing and Soft Washing Services in Auckland.

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  1. endless hours, but happy to say our newest website is our bench-mark of projects to come. Lots of planning and prep, and then tweaking and fine tuning yesterday and today. This site will be seod at the weekend, new images will be added in up and coming months and Rish and I will always look to fine tune in order to get the best visual experience for visiting customers as we help Kirk and SPLASH increase their local market share!! Let the journey begin, watch this space!!

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